Fan Fiction and Copyrighted Characters

Graphic by Gayle Martin

I recall an interesting chat with a fellow author at a writer’s convention. He was telling me about another writer who apparently got into serious trouble with Paramount. This other writer had allegedly written a very adult oriented Star Trek story, and Paramount had taken issue with the way he’d used their characters.

As I recall, Star Trek conventions got started so the fans, or Trekkies, as they once called themselves, could share their fan stories. However, it was a different time. Fanfiction authors wrote with pen and paper and they kept their stories in notebooks. Self publishing didn’t exist. There was no Internet, no blogs, no Kindle.

Times have indeed changed. Today a fan writer can write his or her own Star Trek story in a blog or post it on a fan forum. And while their motive may be sincere, their devotion to their favorite TV show could, potentially, put them in legal hot water. I’m not an attorney, nor am I giving legal advice. However, it’s common knowledge that the rights to any artistic creation, including works of fiction, belong to the person or persons who created it.

I write my own unique stories with my own characters. But if I were to include someone else’s character, for whatever reason, I would get their permission first. It’s only common courtesy. It would also save me the worry of getting a nasty letter from someone’s attorney. Even if I wasn’t writing for monetary gain, it could still be considered copyright infringement.