How to do a Book Trailer Video for a Nonfiction Book

Book trailers are a great promotional tool for nonfiction books as well as novels. Their purpose is to tell viewers, in a visually interesting way, what the book is about, but without giving too much away.

Rosie’s Riveting Recipes is a cookbook, and, as with any cookbook, it’s mostly about the recipes. However, in this instance, all of the recipes are historic. So rather than do a cooking demo video, we opted to have a book trailer emphasizing the nostalgic theme which makes this book more unique. To that end we started with a little footage from an old U.S. government film about food rationing, (all public domain). We then added our own footage, which goes from nostalgia to the present time. The end result is a book trailer that looks and feels more like an old time newsreel than a pitch for a cookbook.

The book trailer was written and produced by Rob Resetar, who also wrote and produced the book trailers for my Marina Martindale romance novels. If you happen to live near or in Tucson, Arizona, I would highly recommend his services. If not, then talk to other authors in your area and find out who does book trailers. Again, you want a book trailer that’s visually interesting and engages the viewer.