It’s Been a Good Run

Times change.

At the time I started my publishing business, Good Oak Press, print books were still king, and it was a good fit. I’d been an award-winning graphic designer before I became an author, and I was designing books that looked like they came from a major publisher. I was happy, and my authors were happy.

Then came the Amazon Kindle. To call it a game changer would be an understatement. Instead of having to wait for books to be shipped, readers could instantly download them onto their tablets. And, at the same time, anyone could become an author. All you had to do was upload a file and your book was available on Kindle. After Kindle came CreateSpace, which allowed authors to typeset and create a cover for their printed books for little or no cost.

While this new technology has given authors more publishing options than ever before, it’s also made it increasingly difficult for small, indie publishers, like Good Oak Press, to remain competitive. So, after much thought, I’ve made the difficult decision to close shop. I’m currently┬áin the process of going from an LLC back to a sole proprietor, as it’s simply more cost effective than trying to maintain it as an LLC. Not to worry though, as I’m still publishing my own titles, and I’ll still keep this blog running.

You all didn’t think you’d be getting rid of me that easily, did you?

Stay tuned,